The Tom and Jerry Game with a Twist

by Simon T. Keleta





Man arrested on suspicion of people smuggling after lorry containing 15 immigrants from Eritrea and Kashmir suffering from dehydration found at service station 


Chadian troops rescue 85 Nigerian hostages from Boko Haram

Kano, Nigeria (CNN) -- Chadian troops have rescued 85 Nigerianskidnapped last week by the Islamist terror group Boko Haram, security and human rights sources in Nigeria said Saturday.



 Africa Leaders Urge UN to Help Relocate Rwandan Hutu Rebels

Leaders of the Southern African Development Community (SADC) want the United Nations to assist in removing members of a Rwandan rebel group from eastern Congo.



Gaza conflict: Israel 'targets Hamas leader Deif'

The wife and child of a Hamas militant leader have reportedly been killed in Israeli air strikes on Gaza which have left 11 people dead.



US Attempting to Verify Beheading of Journalist

The Obama administration says it is trying confirm the authenticity of a video that purports to show the killing of an American photojournalist by Islamic State militants.



Eritrea will host the next Russian Heavy military Exercises on water - 

Asmara (HAN) August 4, 2014 – Defense and Security News update. In Eritrea, military, academic, business and media circles,  there is breathless excitement about the rise of Russia and the US decline,  they assume as its inevitable corollary.



Report: Eritrea Faces Youth Drain

A new report said a lot of young people are leaving Eritrea due to authoritarian rule, growing dissatisfaction and long-term national service.  



Eritrea: A major Afar military attacks to topple the current repressive ruler 

Another crisis: Djibouti on Wednesday called for the release of a military officer allegedly captured by the Eritrean army. “Eritrea must release the military officer it captured on July 25,” the Djiboutian Defense Ministry said in a statement.



Eritrea Opposition Vows to Oust Regime, Establish Federal System

An Eritrean opposition group, Red Sea Afar Democratic Organization (RSADO) on Tuesday vow to step up military attacks to topple the current repressive rule in the East African nation.



Egypt: I Would Never Order the Killing of Protesters - Mubarak

Cairo — Egypt's former President Hosni Mubarak denied he ordered the killing of protesters who participated in the January 25, 2011 uprising on Wednesday.



After shaky start, Gaza cease-fire extension appears to hold

Rocket fire from Gaza late Wednesday, near the end of the initial truce, and early Thursday, as the extension began, ...



Putin Crimea Speech Seeks to Calm Intervention Fears

Russians need to mobilize for the benefit of their country but not for conflict with outside world, President Vladimir Putin said ...



Eritrea: The briefing’s major findings and recommendations

Asmara (HAN) August 10, 2014

Humanitarian news and views of International Crisis Group.Eritrea’s youth exodus has significantly reduced the young nation’s human capital. 



Fourth Red Sea Afar People’s Conference Semera, Afar Regional State Capital  August 09-11 2014

 Press Release



Turkish PM Tayyip Erdogan wins presidency

(CNN) -- Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan will become the country's first directly-elected president by a wide margin of votes, according the semi-official Anadolu News Agency.



US Conducts New Iraq Airstrikes Against Islamic State Insurgents

The United States carried out a new round of airstrikes against Islamic State militants in northern Iraq on Sunday. 



Eritrea's president wasn't invited to Washington, but does it matter?

Eritrea has sometimes been called the North Korea of Africa. The government of Afwerki, who's held power since Eritrea gained independence from Ethiopia in 1993, has been accused of major human rights abuses, including forced labor and detainment without due process.


Science Focus Urged at First U.S.-African Leaders Summit
Fifty African leaders have been invited to the three-day summit, convened by US President Barack Obama in Washington DC, United States.

Egypt Announces Plans to Build New Canal Alongside Suez

Egypt has announced plans to build a new canal alongside the Suez. The multibillion-dollar project is aimed at expanding trade along the fastest shipping route between Europe and Asia.


Russia bans agricultural imports from west in tit-for-tat sanctions move


15 suspected Eritrean illegal immigrants arrested at M4 services near Reading

A group of 15 suspected illegal immigrants from the African nation of Eritrea were arrested at the M4 services near Reading.


Libya Is Fast Following Somalia's Road to Ruin - We Must Act Now to Stop It



Israel calls up thousands more reservists after request for U.S. ammunition

 Gaza City (CNN) -- The Israeli military said Thursday that it is calling up 16,000 additional reservists,...



Sudan: Global Effort Needed to Save Lives in Nuba Mountains, Says Bishop

 governments, international organizations, and the Catholic Church can save many lives in the troubled Nuba region if they give it serious attention.



Bodies in the Desert


UNHCR Condemns Forced Return of Eritrean Asylum Seekers From Sudan






Eritrea president targeted by new Swedish law


Swedish law firm reports Isaias Afewerki and several ministers to the police for crimes against humanity.









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