Lesotho Prime Minister alleges army coup attempt, forced into hiding

(CNN) -- After an apparent attempted military coup on Saturday, the people of the African nation of Lesotho are doing their best to return to every day life.



Suspected Ebola Case Found in Sweden

 Swedish medical authorities are investigating a possible case of Ebola at a hospital in Stockholm.


Eritrea: Currency fights back dictatorship

 Freedom Friday (Arbi Harnet) activists have successfully launched an innovative project to encourage young Eritreans to resist the regime that is pushing them into exile. 




The workshop provided an opportunity for statisticians and economists from the EAC region to identify the needs for technical assistance.....



Renewed fighting erupts on Golan Heights, mortar shell falls inside Israel

Syrian army forces and rebels battle near border; both sides seek to control Quneitra border crossing;...



David Cameron gives spy agencies power to vet airline flight lists

New access granted as Saudi king says Europe faces attack unless it acts fast




Ukraine crisis: US senators urge arms 'to fight Russia'

Leading American senators have called for the US to send weapons to help Ukraine fight what they say is "a Russian invasion".



Eritrea: TheTaste Of Bitter Truth

I guess Eritreans are not unique as a people to think of themselves as great. 



South Sudan Warring Sides Agree to 'Matrix' to End Violence

Ethiopian Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn, who chairs IGAD, said will take action against the warring parties if they fail -- again -- to stick to the terms of the agreement.



Syria and Isis committing war crimes, says UN

Report by United Nations commission says both Damascus government and Islamist militant group should face trials at ICC



Kenya: Think Again - How Not to Solve Terrorism - the Kenyan Edition




American Jihadist Killed in Syria

An American, identified as 33-year old Douglas McArthur McCain, has been killed while fighting alongside militants in Syria.



IMF's Christine Lagarde 'under investigation'

IMF head Christine Lagarde says she has been placed under formal investigation for negligence in a French fraud case but has not been charged.



Ethiopia Now The Biggest Refugee-hosting Country In Africa

he United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) says Ethiopia has overtaken Kenya to become the largest refugee-hosting country in Africa, ...




Eritrean Border Guards Shoot Dead 10 Civilians Trying to Flee

Eritrean border guards have allegedly shot dead 10 Eritreans citizens as they attempted to cross in to Ethiopia, a recent escapee told Sudan Tribune on Friday.


Ilminster suspected illegal immigrants get Red Cross help 

 Police said on Tuesday the group of 15 consisted of men, women and a 15-year-old boy and told officers they were from Eritrea and Kashmir.


The Tom and Jerry Game

with a Twist

by Simon T. Keleta



Report: Eritrea Faces Youth Drain

A new report said a lot of young people are leaving Eritrea due to authoritarian rule, growing dissatisfaction and long-term national service.  



Eritrea: A major Afar military attacks to topple the current repressive ruler 

Another crisis: Djibouti on Wednesday called for the release of a military officer allegedly captured by the Eritrean army. “Eritrea must release the military officer it captured on July 25,” the Djiboutian Defense Ministry said in a statement.



Eritrea: The briefing’s major findings and recommendations 


 Asmara (HAN) August 10, 2014Humanitarian news and views of International Crisis Group. Eritrea’s youth exodus has significantly reduced the young nation’s human capital. 



Fourth Red Sea Afar People’s Conference  Semera, Afar Regional State Capital 

 August 09-11 2014

  Press Release



Eritrea's president wasn't invited to Washington, but does it matter?

Eritrea has sometimes been called the North Korea of Africa. The government of Afwerki, who's held power since Eritrea gained independence from Ethiopia in 1993, has been accused of major human rights abuses, including forced labor and detainment without due process.


Science Focus Urged at First U.S.-African Leaders Summit
Fifty African leaders have been invited to the three-day summit, convened by US President Barack Obama in Washington DC, United States.

Egypt Announces Plans to Build New Canal Alongside Suez

Egypt has announced plans to build a new canal alongside the Suez. The multibillion-dollar project is aimed at expanding trade along the fastest shipping route between Europe and Asia.


Russia bans agricultural imports from west in tit-for-tat sanctions move



Libya Is Fast Following Somalia's Road to Ruin - We Must Act Now to Stop It 





Bodies in the Desert



UNHCR Condemns Forced Return of Eritrean Asylum Seekers From Sudan






Eritrea president targeted by new Swedish law

 Swedish law firm reports Isaias Afewerki and several ministers to the police for crimes against humanity.


Israel breaks up migrant camp

 A group of asylum seekers, mainly from Eritrea and Sudan, left Israel's Holot detention centre on Friday in a mass act of civil disobedience.


Australia joins condemnation of Eritrea

 Australia has joined international condemnation of the African nation of Eritrea for alleged human rights violations.


UN agency to probe rights violations in Eritrea


The human rights crisis in Eritrea has been forgotten for too long and the scale of violations is unparalleled, putting the country among the worst human rights situations worldwide. 


Eritrea faces UN human rights probe


 The UN's Human Rights Council (HRC) has set up a commission of inquiry into Eritrea, seen as one of the world's most repressive states.


Eritrea's Communications Disconnect

  Only 1 percent of Eritrea’s population have a landline, according to ITU data, and only 5.6 percent have a mobile phone—the lowest share in the world.


UN investigator says thousands flee Eritrea every month


A United Nations human rights investigator said Thursday that 4,000 Eritreans desperate to escape its government’s rights abuses are fleeing the country every month — almost double from just a year ago.


Eritreans Flee Repression, Says UN Rapporteur

Some 4,000 Eritreans flee their country each month because of government repression and military conscription, according to a UN investigator. Many arrived in Italy as boat refugees.


Eritrea consulate still extorting ‘diaspora tax’ in Canada, a year after top diplomat expelled over scheme

‘Isn’t it an irony? … They want me to confess and say I’m sorry I left the post I was given by the Eritrean government’


Emigration has left Eritrea ‘desolate’, say bishops

Young Eritreans seek to live in “peaceful countries … countries of justice, of work, where one expresses himself loudly, a country where one works and earns,” said the letter, published June 9 on the Diocese of Keren website. Many others were now in the army or prison.



Migrants crossing the Mediterranean: key numbers

The top three nationalities of the top illegal border crossings into Italy and Malta, according to the European Union border coordination agency Frontex, are Eritrean, Syrian, and Somalian.



Eritrea 'desolate' Catholic bishops

 Four Eritrean Catholic bishops have published a letter criticising life in the country - a rare move in one of the world's most tightly controlled states.


Caught migrants face squalor and death in Libya


The men are sick, most sit passively on the floor. Some have moved into the building's metal rafters. They come from most of the countries in Africa; Niger, Eritrea, Gambia and Egypt to name a few.



Migration surge hits EU as thousands flock to Italy


 At least a third of the latest arrivals are Syrians, fleeing that country's civil war. But other significant numbers are coming from Afghanistan and Eritrea.



Spain's Melilla enclave stormed by migrants

  ... Many of those making the dangerous journey come from Eritrea and Somalia.



Despite sanctions, Deputy Mayor celebrates conflict-prone state of Eritrea

It is a one-party state with a knack for repression. There are an estimated 10,000 political prisoners filling its jails, according to Amnesty International. There are more journalists in jail in Eritrea than anywhere else in Africa. Reporters Without Borders ranks it last in the world on press freedom, below North Korea.


A National Team Without a Country

“The government decided that all players should go on national service, too,” 


Eritrean refugees in Ethiopia vow to join armed struggle


Trafficking and torturing Eritrean refugees



Exclusive Interview with Eritrean Security Expert

According to Simon Allison who spoke to Dan Connell, a long time Eritrea security and social issues watcher, about the perils that await Eritrean refugees, and why they are so desperate to leave in the first place.  




Eritrea: ‘The sheer numbers of people fleeing tell the story’


There is no better symbol of the failure of the Eritrean state than the thousands of refugees who abandon it every week, ...



Fear to Phobia in the Ambiguity of Eritrean Image!

By Daniel Teclegiorgis


Asmara Expo 69: the Lost Age of Industrialization in Eritrea


Crisis In The Eritrean Army

Many conscripts, including junior officers, have disappeared inside the country or escaped across the border to Sudan and, to a lesser extent, to Ethiopia.


Kenya: We Will Win the War On Terror - Ole Lenku

Nairobi — Interior Cabinet eradicate terrorist activities in


2 Investigates: Family seeks answers about East Bay woman detained overseas

 2 Investigates recently spoke with the daughters of 59-year-old Meheret Tzegai, a woman they say has been detained in her home country of Eritrea...



Ethiopia lashes out at Eritrea, Egypt

An Ethiopian foreign ministry spokesman has lashed out at longstanding rival Eritrea, accusing the latter of destabilizing the East Africa region,... 



Lampedusa is an absolute tradgedy for Somali and Eritrean - 

This is the story of Fanus, a survivor and one of thousands of people who flee Eritrea every year in search of asylum - 



Deputy Chair ENC4DC meets UN Special Rapporteur on the Situation of Human Rights in Eritrea


 Leadership of the Eritrean National Council for Democratic Change




Elsa Chyrum, Director of Human Rights Concern Eritrea (HRCE), is starting a hunger strike today ...



Lampedusa boat tragedy: a survivor's story

One of them was 18-year-old Fanus, travelling with her best friend Kisanet. Like almost every other passenger, they had left Eritrea, fleeing the military dictatorship and forced conscription. 


Dover-bound migrants filmed sitting on lorry axles

Migrants have been filmed sitting on the axles of lorries in a desperate attempt to enter the UK from Calais.


Death in the Med - video

 ... This is a trailer for Zed Nelson's film about the survivors, which airs in April as part of Channel 4's Dispatches series


Refugee radio voices for a new Eritrea

Dedicated refugees are using radio to encourage a fearful local Eritrean community to work for change.

"In NYC, natives of Eritrea and Ethiopia unite in church"


This past Sunday the 9th of March, evangelical Christians from Ethiopia and Eritrea once again united in worship as a rare show of love between two people whose countries are in war footing back home in Africa.

Missing Malaysia plane: Search begins in two air corridors

Searches have started in two vast air corridors for missing flight MH370, Malaysia's transport minister has said.

Crimea applies to be part of Russian Federation after vote to leave Ukraine 

 The parliament "made a proposal to the Russian Federation to admit the Republic of Crimea as a new subject with the status of a republic", according to a statement on its website.

Eritrea: Hail storm dumps metre of ice on capital



A freak rain storm has dumped as much as 1m (3ft) of hail on Asmara, capital of Eritrea, in what appears to be the heaviest rainfall ever recorded there.

Sudan: Protesting Students Shot at and Arrested


National service in Eritrea Miserable and useless


Meet the professional refugees lucky to get the minimum wage in the UK

 Tiegisty Kibrom graduated with distinction in her computer science degree and hoped to open a computer business.


Meet the three Eritrean women who are taking on the regime

  Feruz Werede, Selam Kidane and Meron Estefanos are finding ways of challenging one of the most repressive states in Africa.



Country Reports on Human Rights Practices for 2013


The government forced persons to participate in its national service program, often for periods of indefinite duration, and in its citizen militia. The government also severely restricted civil liberties, including freedom of speech, press, assembly, association, and religion. 

Eritrea continues to be the biggest information black hole, again occupying the last position

Eritreans in Britain forced by embassy to pay 2% diaspora tax


 Every Eritrean in the diaspora must undergo if they want to have any dealings with their home country.


Hundreds of Eritreans enslaved in torture camps in Sudan and Egypt

 Hundreds of Eritrean refugees have been enslaved in torture camps inSudan and Egypt in the past 10 years, enduring weeks or months of violence and rape and extorted by traffickers often in collusion with state security forces.


More than 1,100 migrants rescued off Italy in one day

They included 47 women, four of them pregnant, and 50 children, all probably from sub-Saharan Africa, the navy said.


Italy migrant influx incessant and massive, says minister


Eritrea was the next highest point of origin with 9,834 migrants, official figures showed - an increase of more than 400% over the previous year.



Eritrea under fire for rights abuses at UN review

  Enforced disappearances, arbitrary detention and torture were just a few of the violations Eritrea was accused of during a UN review of its human rights record Monday.


Eritrea, an out cry which has been given deaf ears and blind eyes

 The people detained in the camp (120 refugees) escaped from one of the most terrible and authoritarian regime in the world, described by many organizations as an hell.


Not pirates but Eritrean forces board ship in Red Sea: officials



Rights group:Egypt coup stuns democracy trend

"worst of the worst"

list of countries that ranked at the bottom of both the political rights and civil liberties spectrums: Central African Republic, Equatorial Guinea, Eritrea, North Korea, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan.


Protests in Israel staged by asylum seekers from Africa


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